You may be asking WHY US? The answer is simple. It is the people behind STORERADIO.COM.AU that guarantee it’s success.

Ian MacRae has worked in radio for 50 years. Ian was the highest rating DJ of his day for near a decade in the biggest radio market in Australia, Sydney. He is an accomplished author, has successfully run his own radio school and is world class copywriter as well. He has worked at 2SM, Radio 2, 2UE and 2CH.

Dean Mackin handles the I.T. side of things. Dean has worked in I.T. for 30 years and not only owned and operated Australia’s largest online bulletin board throughout the 80’s and 90’s but also started one of Australia’s first internet companies. Dean has also worked in radio for the last 10 years as a talk back announcer and has been an ACRA finalist for best talk presenter each year he has been in commercial radio.

With these two behind the company it is little wonder that we are able to bring you a top quality product at a reasonable price. Their industry skills, know how and contacts means that they achieve industry leading standards and can produce the product in an a professional and expedient manner.

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