In-Store Radio will, sound just like your own radio station with short and professionally produced announcements, inserted about seven times an hour, that are written by our experienced radio copywriters.

These “commercials” will have a warm and friendly presentation style and can be used to promote special offers, new products or anything else you want to bring to your customers’ attention and are refreshed on a regular basis or within hours if you have a special need. Some of these spots could be used in a Q & A format where questions are asked and answered about your business.

In-Store Radio will help you select the most appropriate music for your business choosing the music that will most appeal to your targeted demographic. The music is updated and refreshed on a regular basis so it doesn’t become repetitive for customers and doesn’t drive your staff crazy!

Date specific music is placed into the mix on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Father’s and Mother’s Day, Valentines Day.

Your store broadcast will be in very experienced hands using the latest technology. Click on ABOUT US to learn more.